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Ronnie D NDE  4/12/14  At that time a knowledge came to me that if I wanted any chance to live, I needed to slow the car down so when the tire went over me, the body had to be on its back. I knew somehow that if the car ran me over on my stomach, it would not survive. I did, I slowed the car down and was directing the car when to go over the body. I did get it to run over the body facing up and now I had to have the same thing happen with the back tire. The car being so low to the ground was making the body (my body) to roll over and over, Once it got near the rear tire I slowed down the car again so it ran over me facing up. It did, it ran me over facing up. Now the body was stuck behind the rear tire and a big clump of snow that was stuck to the car… In the morning the doctors began coming in one by one. They were discussing my condition and could not explain what happened to me with each other. But I knew. Finally the doctors went out and told my family, we cannot explain it, but we cannot find any blood in his cavity. He is stable and that they will continue watching me.
NDE at age 15 due to sledding on snow into path of oncoming car.  Remarkable sense of slowing car that might have saved his life.  Apparent inexplicable recovery after being run over by car.

Lauren NDE 7184  4/12/14  From France.  Originally from Algiers.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I saw a thick rope of a silvery white color coming out between my lungs, and what shocked me at once, was that this rope was  going straight from my body towards the window. While looking through the window to see where this rope was leading, I saw three women holding the other end of the rope. They were suspended in the air holding the end of the rope and were pulling. They were upside down, their feet towards the sky and their hands and faces towards me still pulling the rope. I panicked, understanding that if they would pull too strongly I would be dying. I also pulled at  the rope at my side to prevent it detaching from my torso and I asked why they were doing that. They answered me without talking.  They thought and I heard that they were saying, "It's time". I yelled "No! No! I don't want this, I'm scared, leave me alone, I'm scared I want my mother! Mama! Mama!" Then they asked me why I didn't want to go, and I answered them, "I didn't do anything yet, I'm not married, I have no child, my family needs me, what good to be born if it is to leave now, leave me alone, I want to stay here, I don't want to leave my family, go away!" and I pulled the rope even harder towards myself.
NDE from going unconscious.

CB Possible NDE  4/12/14  I was helping my Dad paint window exteriors at home, and jumped off of a high chair. My sneaker caught on a small tab sticking up on the chair edge and I fell and twisted my left knee, tearing the anterior collateral ligament. Three days of suffering later, my parents decided to take me to my Aunts' orthopedic specialist at St. Josephs. Dr, examined my swollen knee, and drew three bowls of blood from it, relieving a lot of pain and pressure. He did the surgery the following morning. While I was deep asleep, all of a sudden, I was floating above and behind Dr. left shoulder, observing as he carefully sutured up my knee. I could hear classical music playing. I could see the nurse, the anesthesiologist, and myself, and I remember feeling no pain, no temperature, nothing but interest in the work the doctor was doing with those stitches. If I recall correctly, there were over 50 of them. Then, I recall waking up in recovery.
Anesthesia Possible NDE, no apparent life-threatening event at the time.

Marny NDE  4/12/14  I was very calm watching myself and felt no pain.  The bright lights were intense, but I wasn't "heading"" anywhere, it was extremely fast, maybe 20 seconds. I felt a slight push and I was back in my body… Saw myself being revived on the delivery table.  Saw the medical staff from above. 
NDE due to complication of delivery.

Kristine J NDE  4/12/14  While still reeling from everything the woman I was with was saying and showing me (she had been talking although I was too stunned to comprehend), she asked if I wanted to see how New Mom met my husband. I said yes (mistake, in retrospect!)  I watched her meet and fall in love with my husband.
NDE due to H1N1 bird flu.  Remarkable and detailed future awareness of how her husband would meet another women and marry her.  However, she recovered and the future she saw would not happen.

Maime S NDE  4/12/14  Served seafood in restaurant that tasted off. I immediately told my husband that it tasted funny and pushed it aside on my plate. Within a few minutes I looked at my husband and passed out forward onto table.  My husband pushed me back and chair fell backwards.  I remember the tunnel but it isn't like many describe it.  More like the tunnel is flowing over you.  Each studs you look there are pieces of your life playing back.  Even experiences you had not remembered.  The feeling was absolute peace and calm and I found myself loving that I could almost feel the emotions with each ""movie"" experience of my life I was watching.  In these experiences I was with family that had passed and some that had not.  And lots of experiences from when I was very young.  It was a feeling of safety and love.  And far away in the distance I could faintly hear my name being called. When I turned to tell the person calling my name to please hush so I could carry on this amazing experience I was jolted back into my body.  With that they managed to get a heartbeat.
NDE due to allergic reaction.  Prominent life review.

Bonnie C NDE  3/16/2008  & 4/12/2014   I see the three maple trees in our yard adorned in leaves of every shade of the rainbow.  Yellow, golden, orange, rust, brown, reds, burgundy, greens, purple.  So beautiful the sight feels like music could burst forth.  I'm moving "upward" now, like a helium filled balloon, rising.  Now I see the entire valley we live in.  Main street, church steeples, my school, the old Paper Mill, Blum's Shoe Factory, F.A. Owen Publishing company, Kelly Brothers Nursery, the airport, Foster Wheeler Corporation, Bernard McFadden's Hotel on East Hill.  And most striking of all, "the flats"....at the North end of town.  This is a 10 acre parcel of land that is pitch black with fine, silt-like soil and the site of an old Indian Reservation long since abandoned.  I'm looking at our village and I feel like I'm a part of all of this.  I belong here.  I feel love rising from the very ground.  I'm struck by the beauty of this place.  There is harmony, purpose, reason for living here. 
Clinical death at three months of age due to illness.  At age 3 years recalled highly detailed experience consistent with a NDE.  First shared experience with mother about 42 years later who collaborated some details.  Shared 59 years after clinical death.  Contributor is a nurse.

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